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The computer is a vital part of our everyday lives. We wake up check email, go online check the market, research the new car we want to buy, order some groceries, download a book to read on the train, then take a shower and get ready for work.

Today most flat panel Plasma, LCD, LED displays all have computer inputs. Intelligent PCsm can utilize an existing computer or MAC and integrate the computer with any TV in your home. With a touch of one button, your display brings up an internet browser and the web and all of its resources are at your command. Whether you want to surf the web from your bed, download movies from the internet, IM with your friend while reclining in your chair, or looking up a good recipe in the kitchen, Living Intelligent can add this functionality to any room in your home.


Intelligent PCSM Products:

Windows PC Wireless Keyboard | Mouse  
MAC PC Distribution  
Linux USB Extension  

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