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Acoustical Treatment
The biggest factor affecting audio quality is the room you hear it in. The floor, ceiling, walls and placement of seating and speakers all dramatically affect the audio. No matter what type of audio system you have the audio still needs to travel the final leg from the speaker to your ear. This final leg is where all the quality is lost. In a properly designed room, music sounds real, like a live performance instead of a recording. In a poorly designed room, music sounds flat, non-visceral, and ordinary.

Living intelligent uses a combination of software, acoustical products and years of experience to transform your room, into a movie-watching, concert going experience. A Living intelligent expert will work with you, and your architect and trades to insure your entertainment system is as close to the real experience as possible.

Acoustical Products:
Home Theater Houses Of Worship  
Recording Studios Architectural  
Sound Proofing Noise Baffles  
Doors Custom Products  

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