Motorized Window Coverings

Homes are designed with windows because we intuitively understand that sunlight adds a comforting, refreshing quality to any room. Achieving the greatest beauty and efficiency in each room, means, being able to control the ambient light that surrounds you. With IntelliWindow shade and drape Solutions from Living Intelligent, you can quickly and easily control ambient light to reduce heat loads, achieve instant privacy, darken a theater room, prevent harsh U/V rays from damaging furnishings orreduce glare that reflects on a television.

IntelliWindow not only provides convenience but leverages technology to reduce energy consumption helping you at being green. Reducing energy consumption, protects the environment, and safeguards our health. By coupling sustainable fabrics with the latest in shading control technology, Living intelligent is providing a more comfortable, convenient, and energy conscious indoor environment.

IntelliWindowsm Products:
Motorized Shades Motorized Blinds  
Wireless Systems Light (Photon) Sensors  
New Construction Motorized Drapes  
Retrofit Systems Zigbee | Z-Wave | RF | IR  

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