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“Infrastructure is the cornerstone of how technology exists in society today. The public network for the globe is built mainly on physical optical cable that is deployed from point to point, city to city, and from continent to continent. Every electronic device connected to a LAN (Local Area Network) anywhere on the globe today can be accessed from computers, like devices, control systems etc… What makes this possible is wire.”
Mitch Arthur, Founder Living Intelligent

Intelligent Ready! Prewire

Intelligent Ready prewire provides a wiring “backbone” that is the foundation which will make possible the ease and low cost of implementing today’s home-technology and ability to integrate all future technologies. Living Intelligent offers comprehensive pre-wire packages for all technologies.

Intelligent Ready! Prewire Products:

Speaker Level Audio Line Level Audio Digital Audio
Telephone Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet
Serial Data (RS-232/485) Component Video Composite Video
S-Video HDMI Crestnet
Thermostat AM/FM/XM Antenna Satellite DBS
Motorized Shading USB VGA
Infrared Category 5,5e,6,7 Surround Sound
Smart Dimmers CCTV Touchscreen
Proximity Reader Door Strike Paging
Fiber Optic Door Entrance Security Devices

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