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“Infrastructure is the cornerstone of how technology exists in society today. The public network for the globe is built mainly on physical optical cable that is deployed from point to point, city to city, and from continent to continent. Every electronic device connected to a LAN (Local Area Network) anywhere on the globe today can be accessed from computers, like devices, control systems etc… What makes this possible is wire.”
Mitch Arthur, Founder Living Intelligent


Whether you are designing a single family home or a hundreds as part of a MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) Living Intelligent’s team of professionals will work with you to provide an infrastructure design to satisfy your needs today and provide a scalable physical layer to adopt tomorrow.

The footing to the technology foundation of any project is the infrastructure. Living Intelligent is leading the way. For most, it is hard to keep up with the demanding paces of technology. Everyday technology pushes itself further and further into our lives and the demands for connectivity have become increasingly apparent. Having the proper infrastructure design is the paramount decision for any project. Wiring your home properly is the single most important investment you can make.

Despite the advances in wireless technologies and the thoughts you may have about the world going wireless the physical demands of technology far surpass the capabilities of wireless technologies. A properly designed infrastructure bridges the wired and wireless world allowing each project to take full advantage of all technologies

Living Intelligent’s IntelliStructure SM follows the CEA’s (Consumer Electronics Association) TechHome Rating System guideline as the baseline for all of our infrastructure designs. In fact our founder was instrumental is the development of the TechHome Rating System guidelines. Each qualified Living Intelligent project comes with a TechHome Rating and certification.

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