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Living Intelligent provides advanced technology solutions to the residential, commercial, enterprise and hospitality markets. Founded in 1996 Living Intelligent is a technology integrator who provides products and services for automation, entertainment, energy and communications systems. Now, we are building our Living Intelligent network in cities and towns in the North East and Mid-Atlantic. As a Living Intelligent Partner, you can join in our growth and success.

Referral Agent

You can earn money just by sending customers our way. It’s easy, fun, and we pay you to do it. All you have to do is tell people about Living Intelligent service or keep literature displayed in your store or information on your Web site, and you will earn money when your customers buy our product.


Living Intelligent is offering select dealers the opportunity to leverage our services, design and technology staff to create your own opportunities. But there is more to our program than offering exciting new products that will let you delight your customers. We offer competitive commissions, joint-marketing benefits, incentive and bonus opportunities, and much much more.

Business Solutions Providers

As a system Integrator, VAR, or any other Business Solutions Provider, you need the latest, most flexible, and most cost efficient services to bundle with your other applications, creating a total systems solution for your customers. Living Intelligent offers capabilities you never had before.

Private Label Solutions

Whether you are a telephone company, CLEC, Cable Company, or ISP, we can work with you as a private label provider to create a plan that will meet the specific needs of you and your customers.

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