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The broad IntelliGreen suite of products provides users with the ability to track and manage and integrate all energy, gas and water consumption in real time from web-enabled devices, pc’s, touchscreen’s or even your iPhone®. IntelliGreen products, based on configuration include simple and intuitive dashboard and user interfaces. IntelliGreen products can be used to dim lights, turn on and off heating and cooling, adjust smart appliances and irrigate your property.

The modular system, can operate as a standalone discipline or fully integrated platform. IntelliGreen products are designed for larger buildings and homes and provides users the data necessary to understand how, when and where resources are being consumed and integrates devices to allow users to live cleaner, greener and more efficiently.

IntelliGreen Products:
RS-1 Gateway Edge Control Processor  
IntelliWaterSM Irrigation Control Systems and Products  
IntelliLightingSM Lighting Control Systems and Products  
IntelliSystemsSM HVAC Control Systems and Products  

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