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New technologies in whole-building lighting-control systems provide greater overall energy savings and improved control and reliability — even offering the ability to access the system via a common
Web browser for easy schedule changes and control of lighting zones. Conserving energy is not just good for your conscience and the environment; it is good for your pocketbook too! Living intelligent gives you the power to be green by helping you manage the lighting in your building or office. Living Intelligent commercial lighting control can significantly reduce your energy consumption; provide a more comfortable work environment, less stress and greater productivity while enhancing your surroundings.

Whether you are looking to automate lighting in a single room, multiple rooms or control the light throughout your entire facility, Living Intelligent gives you the freedom to personalize your lighting in any space.

Intelligent Lightingsm Products:
Wired Dimming Panels Keypads  
Wireless Systems Touchscreens  
New Construction Sensors  
Retrofit Systems Zigbee | Z-Wave | RF | IR   

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