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Living intelligent’s IntelliClimateSM HVAC control systems keeps your building comfortable at all times. With the ability to monitor temperature and humidity levels automatically there is no need dispatch a technician, or even be on-site to adjust the temperature in any room. With an IntelliClimateSM HVAC system from Living intelligent, you can control the temperature or humidity in any room or building, from any PC running our software anywhere in the world.

With an IntelliClimateSM HVAC automation system, it is easy to pre-set temperature set points, and keep you’re building at the most energy efficient setting. All Living intelligent systems are programmed to automatically adjust to more comfortable levels based on input from the tenant, building owner or automation system.

IntelliClimateSM Products:
HVAC System Integration Smart Thermostats Weather Stations
Wireless Thermostats Temperature Sensors Touchscreens
New Construction Humidity Sensors Occupancy Sensors
Retrofit Systems Outdoor Sensors Energy Management

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